PAR 38 Specification Sheet


PAR 38




The luminaire shall be a 300-watt lamp holder for PAR 38 and R 40 type medium screw base lamps.  The fixture shall be constructed of 22-gauge sheet steel with all seams and fittings welded.  The fixture shall be equipped with a square sheet steel color filter frame holder.  Ventilation holes shall be provided with light baffles to reduce heat build up while minimizing stray light.


Relamping shall be accomplished without the use of tools by removing the color filter from the color filter holder and unscrewing the lamp from the lamp holder.  The luminaire shall be supplied with a square standard size color filter frame, a rigid strap iron mounting yoke, a spring tension side locking handle, and a three wire Teflon lead encased in black fiberglass tubing.


Finish shall be Epoxy Sandtex black, electrostatic application.


Light output of the luminaire shall be a function of the lamp selected.  See lamp substitution data.


The Luminaire shall be U.L. and c.U.L. Listed and labeled for use with up to a 300-watt lamp.  Luminaire shall have a New York City Calendar Number.


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