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Expendables ANSI Coded Lamps
90-150T3/Q/S/CL US 150W 150T3Q/CL 120V Clear 2000H 2600L - Satco # S3481
90-BTL US 500W Q500 T6/CL/P ANSI BTL, 120V, 3050K, 500hr.
90-BTM US 500W Q500 T6/CL/P ANSI BTM, 120V, 3200K, 100hr.
90-BTN US 750W Q750 T7/CL/2P ANSI BTN, 120V, 3050K, 500hr.
90-BTP US 750W Q750T7/4CL/2P ANSI BTP, 120V, 3200K, 200hr.
90-BTR US 1000W Q1000T7/4CL/2P ANSI BTR,
90-BVT US 1000W Q1000T7/CL/MP ANSI BVT, 120V, 500hr.
90-BVV US 1000W Q1000T7/4CL/MP ANSI BVV, 120V, 200hr.
90-BVW US 2000W Lamp, 120-Volt
90-CXZ US 1500W Q1500 T10/4CL ANSI CXZ
90-CYV US 1000W 1000Q T7/4CL/BP ANSI CYV
90-CYX US 2000W Q2000 T10/4CL ANSI CYX
90-DKZ US 1000W Q1000 PS52 120V 3200K 750 Hr.
90-DMX US 500W 500 T20/P ANSI DMX
90-DNS US 500W T12/9 ANSI DNS
90-DNT US 750W 120V 3000K 200 Hr. ***To Be Discontinued Soon***
90-DPY US 5000W Q5000 T20/4CL ANSI DPY 120-Volt
90-DSE US 1000W 120V 3200K 750 Hr.
90-DTA US 1500W Q1500 T8/4CL ANSI DTA
90-DTJ US 1500W 1500 T20/39 ANSI DTJ